Our Business Partners

We work closely with a number of other business professionals to help provide clients with holistic advice using specialist professionals. This includes mortgage brokers, accountants, real estate agents, solicitors and estate planning specialists and general insurance brokers. There is no longer a need to explain your personal situation numerous times and our role is to be the centre contact person, linking all of your financial needs under the one roof.

We are a fee for advice business with our focus on delivering significant value to our clients, both now and into the future. This value is delivered in numerous forms and usually far exceeds any fee incurred for our work. If we do not believe we can deliver significant value then we will not proceed.

We would be pleased to discuss the opportunity of delivering significant value to your personal financial situation. Please call our office to arrange a time to meet.

What happened to Pace Rowlands Bell Financial?

KeyStone Advice Partners is the new name of Pace Rowlands Bell Financial, effective 3 February 2012.

So why the change?

Our objective of the name change is to ensure people identify us as a stand-alone professional financial planning firm.Over the years having our name linked to an accounting firm has had real benefits for both us and our clients. We will continue to work closely with a number of accountants as we feel this is paramount to ensuring our clients overall financial success. We have no plans to change our day to day operations, we are just repositioning our brand.

We have centralised our main operations to a new office in Thirroul, however we are still available for appointments at either of our other locations in Menai, Miranda and Sydney CBD.

To ensure we are easier to contact in the future we have implemented a new phone system with new phone numbers. If you call either number it will revert to our head office. We also have new email addresses and you can find our new contact details on the enclosed business card.

Why ‘KeyStone Advice Partners’?

We wanted to position our firm for what we do, we give ‘Advice’. Advice is the essential ingredient to ensure our client’s get on a path to achieve success, and then stay on it.


Partners refer to our long-term commitment to our client’s to ensure we are always here to review (and adjust) strategies if and when required. We also work closely with other aligned businesses to provide our clients with holistic advice, such as accountants, solicitors, and mortgage brokers.


KeyStone was the last piece of our puzzle. The definition of a Keystone is “something that is necessary to connect and support a number of other related things”. This connecting word represents the bringing together and providing the security, safety, and peace of mind to help clients on their financial journey.