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What We Do

The philosophy of KeyStone Advice Partners is to provide people with a sophisticated and professional level of financial advice, presented in plain English. Our advice is completely tailored to advice around those areas they are seeking, with an offering to give further advice if and when required. Our advice is flexible as we work with people to help them make informed decisions, and not to dictate what they must do. We understand that what we do is not easy for the average person to understand and that trust and education comes with time and we are happy to work at the pace that our client desire.

Our value from advice is not only upfront, but ongoing. Our clients benefit over the longer term as we become their life long financial partner. Although we can assist with transactional advice, it is not our preference as we prefer engaged clients who see us as their go to person for financial issues.

Our advice is usually presented in 3 different formats, depending which one you want to go with:

  1. Comprehensive – we look at everything! Advising on all aspects of your financial worlds, considering your short to long term goals. This is what most clients use us for, and where the most value is generated.
  2. Limited Scope – clients are seeking advice around specific areas at this stage. This is common for the younger people and working families. An example of this is someone seeking assistance with consolidating their superannuation into an appropriate one for them, while advising on an insurance portfolio to protect them, their family, incomes and wealth (to date and yet to be accumulated). The cost is reduces as our costs are also reduced.
  3. Staggered Approach – for those people that get overwhelmed by advice in general and like to dip their toe in before jumping in, this option works well. This is comprehensive advice, however performed in stages. We start with limited advice normally starting with those issues and goals that are short term (such as cash flows, insurances, reviewing super fundsetc) and then pick up further advice later (such as wealth creation, estate planning, retirement planning, etc).