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Our Advice Process

At KeyStone Advice Partners, we follow a compliant process to make sure that you get the most out of our advice and we don’t miss a thing. This is a general process and is flexible, with less steps required for limited type of advice. The following is a guideline of what you can expect when getting advice from us.

Meet and Great PhaseLet’s get to know each other

  1. We meet each other at one of our offices and. You get to know more about us, what we do and how we can help, and we discuss some gaps and risks you need to be aware of. We get to know you, what your goals are and where you think we can help you.
  2. We obtain a bit of information so we can go away and do an initial analysis to see if we can help put you in a better position. We communicate with you to explain if we can help (9 out of 10 times we can) and give an indication of the type of work we will do and the cost of that advice. We will only proceed if we can add value to you over and beyond our costs. It’s your call as to proceeding or not from this point.

Building of your Personalised Adviceformulating the strategies

  1. Upon engaging us, we model many strategies and come up with the optimal strategies to enhance your position and to meet your personal goals and needs. Both advisers are involved in this phase as we tailor the advice.
  2. If comprehensive advice, we get you in to go over some of the strategies we believe are appropriate. We work with you to come up with the strategies that you are comfortable with, while educating you on these strategies and articulating the risks and benefits of the strategies.

Implementing the Advicemaking sure you reap the rewards

  1. We get you in one last time to go through our complete advice via our Statement of Advice (SoA) document, disclosing all fees, risks, projections, and benefits.
  2. Upon acceptance of the advice, we implement all agreed (and amended) strategies correctly. We have all the necessary paperwork ready and we track the entire implementation process (which can take from a few weeks to several months).

Reviewing and Staying on Trackour advice and service will continue throughout your life

  1. We have at least annual reviews with our clients to make sure their strategies continue to be appropriate as your life changes (which it will) and as opportunities arise in our financial world. Our clients contact as much as they want and get many other benefits through our Client Value Proposition (CVP).